What if you secured the largest gift your organization ever received?

We'll help you develop the skills to raise funds you never thought were possible.

Raise money like never before

MAP University: Major Gifts Fundraising Masterclass is a step-by-step guide that will dramatically improve the funding of your mission. This 8-week program combines interactive, online courses with one-on-one coaching to help you build a successful major gifts program.

By the end of the series, you will have the confidence to ask for - and receive - your donors' best gifts.


Your donors want to give more

Giving USA's 2019 report showed that 70% of nonprofit funding comes from individuals, not corporations or grants. Your donors are already committed to your mission. Our approach to major gift fundraising will help you better understand your donors' individual motivations for giving to your organization in order to move them from transactional donations to transformational gifts.


Reduce your dependency on events

Special events, like galas and golf tournaments, are labor-intensive and few raise extraordinary amounts of money. Annual appeal letters and social media are easy, but don't produce the results you need. These approaches are impersonal and leave your donors underwhelmed. Inspiring your donors to give like they never have before takes time to cultivate personal relationships and build a lasting connection to your mission. 


Actionable steps focused on results

This course is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to success. We'll talk openly about what works and why (and importantly - what not to do). MAP University can pay for itself, and then some, with your first ask. 

The only catch? You have to implement the program. If you do, you'll find that you will raise more money this year. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do classes start?
Live online classes will be held on Thursdays from May 7 through June 18. You will receive materials a week in advance. All sessions will be recorded and sent to you along with any slides. Week 4 (May 25-May 28) and Week 8 (June 22-June 26) will be one-on-one phone calls scheduled at your convenience.
What if I don't have a major gifts program?
Don't worry, you've come to the right place! This series will help you create a culture shift that can have a significant impact on your organization. You will learn how to cultivate your current donors to become major donors. At the end of the program, you will have the skills and confidence to make a major gift ask.
Who should attend MAP University?
MAP University is perfect for executive directors or development professionals looking to establish a major gifts program or improve the success of their current program. If you are looking to reduce your organization's dependency on events and/or grants, then this program is for you!
What if we don't have major donors?
You are not alone in thinking that. Many nonprofits believe they don't have the donors with the affluence to give a major gift. However, your major gifts will come from your existing donor base. What we have found in our decades of experience is that most donors are simply not inspired or asked to give to capacity. By the end of the program, you will know the right way to ask the right donor at the right time.
How much does it cost?

Register by March 20, 2020, and pay only $1,200. This includes the full 8-week program for your organization. Your first major gift ask can yield this and more! 

What if I miss a class?
No worries! You will receive materials a week in advance. All live sessions will be recorded and sent to you along with any slides. The one-on-one consultations will be scheduled at your convenience. Team members within your organization are also welcome to attend. 
What do I get in the program?

MAP University Major Gift Fundraising Masterclass is focused on you achieving results this year. As a participant, you will receive:

  • 6 live webinar classes focused on building skills you can use today;
  • 6 workbook guides to accompany each class;
  • 2 private consultations that offer one-on-one guidance;
  • "The Perfect Development Office" book by Schuyler Lehman, founder and CEO of Mission Advancement.
When does registration end?
We intentionally keep class sizes small, so you feel comfortable and heard. With that in mind, registration will end by April 17, or when the class is full. Complete the form above for more information or to reserve your spot.
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What Will You Learn?

MAP University: Major Gifts Fundraising Masterclass

Does your organization see its donors as a valued constituent base and consider their needs? Does your message resonate with your donor's interests? We'll discuss the elements of a compelling case for support and the critical part of the story that most organizations miss.



Who are your best donors? Using MAP's criteria to identify those with the greatest likelihood of long-term support, you'll be able to prioritize donors in order to focus your efforts on your best targets. And, you may likely uncover prospects you have unintentionally overlooked.


Where do you start when working to build relationships with new or long-time donors?  What does a first or second meeting look like, and how do you set expectations for future contact? In this session, you’ll learn strategies for connecting personally with donors and creating deeper connections to your mission that will last for years to come.



At the mid-point of the series, we'll discuss your unique challenges in a private consultation. During this call, we will evaluate your case for support and help you narrow your prospects to identify at least one major gift ask and guide you in determining the next steps.



Develop a unique experience that weaves your donor's passions and interests into the story of your organization's needs. The goal is to create a series of encounters that surprise, delight and ultimately challenge your donor to give like they never have before.



Engage your donors using MAP's four steps to effective solicitation. We'll walk you through preparing for the meeting, scripting the conversation, closing the gift and dealing with objections. You will be ready to make the ask with grace and unwavering confidence.


WEEK 7: donor fulfillment - exceeding expectations

Nurturing authentic relationships will create significant, long-term sustainability for your organization. In this session, we'll discuss how you can exceed donor expectations with small personal touches and set your organization from the traditional thank-you note.



At the conclusion of the series, we'll schedule a private consultation to put the finishing touches on a major gift solicitation. During this call, we will review the steps that have been taken with the donor and create a specific plan for the ask!