tuesday, SEPTEMBER 29

Many organizations were faced with canceling their fundraising events in 2020, and there is still uncertainty surrounding when and if we will return to having large, in-person events. As you look forward to your 2021 fundraising plan, are you wondering whether you should keep your event strategy or replace it with other activities? What if we could show you how to build sustainable development activities that are less labor intensive than events and have a greater return on investment?


In this webinar, Mission Advancement will challenge you to think differently about how donors truly connect with your mission and arrive at the decision to give capacity gifts. We will offer you strategies on creating inspiring, mutually-fulfilling donor relationships that can transform your organization’s fundraising. If you have traditionally relied on an event-centric fundraising strategy, we welcome you to invite your leadership and Board members to attend this session.

What Will Replace Your Gala in 2021?

Tuesday, September 29

12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. CDT


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