How to ask for $1 million - and get it!

tuesday, february 4

A million-dollar gift to your nonprofit could be transformational. How does an organization go about finding donors with this capacity and then asking for this level of commitment? This level of gift rarely happens by surprise. It comes as the result of a deep, personal relationship that cultivates your donor’s best gift.

Major gifts fundraising is not simply about asking for larger amounts of money. To do it well requires a sound philosophy, the willingness to adapt culture, a commitment to learning and utilizing best practices, and the support of the entire organization.

In this interactive webinar, Mission Advancement will focus on how to move from transactional to transformational giving, reframing the way you think about major and principal gifts fundraising. The session will include best practices in the elements of a major donor’s decision cycle and the four factors in building a successful major gifts strategy.

How to Ask for $1 Million - and Get It!

Tuesday, February 4th

12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. CST


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Full participation in this webinar is applicable for points in Category 1.B - Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

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